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Commercial, Retail & property management Cleaning

Providing your business with a green cleaning service can improve the health of your employees, tenants, and customers. 


Hiring a green cleaning service can save you money in areas that you may not have considered.

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Residential Cleaning
Weekly or Monthly

Cleaning your home should not add more toxins into the air.

Your family’s health will improve just by providing a chemical-free environment, and you gain peace of mind knowing that your child is not ingesting any kind of chemical residue left over by toxic induced cleaners.

Move In | Move Out 

There is nothing nicer than moving into a clean home.


Whether you are the the seller, or the buyer, or realtor, we provide move in & move out cleaning as well as emergency cleans.  


Not everything needs to be cleaned all of the time. Please ask us about our seasonal specials.


A sparkly GREEN clean that won't cost the earth!


Detailed Initial Cleaning

Approximate time frame with a team of 2:

1000 sq ft or less: 1.5 – 2 hours
1000 to 1500 sq ft: 2 – 3 hours
1500 to 2500 sq ft: 3 – 4 hours
2500 to 3000 sq ft: 4 – 5 hours
3000 – 4000+ sq ft: 6+ hours

The above timings are just an estimate and are subjective to many different factors.

  • Sink thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and rinsed

  • Tub and shower tiles thoroughly cleaned disinfected and rinsed

  • Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

  • Toilets disinfected inside and out, including caps, base and behind

  • Vanity top cleaned and items dusted/washed

  • Towel rack and toilet paper holder wiped

  • Towels changed (if left out) or folded and arranged

  • All areas dusted – on top, front and underneath (all items removed and replaced)

  • Picture frames, glass, and mirrors shined

  • Lampshades wiped or dusted

  • Window sills/baseboards dusted

  • Vacuum under beds and in closets (if accessible)

  • All areas dusted – on top, front and underneath (all items removed and replaced)

  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed; Leather furniture wiped/dusted

  • Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened; blankets folded

  • Picture frames dusted; glass and mirrors shined

  • Lampshades wiped or dusted

  • Window sills/baseboards dusted

  • Vacuum under furniture within reason

  • Fingerprints/spots washed from all woodwork, doors and switchplates

  • Light general straightening as required

  • Mirrors shined

  • Garbage emptied

  • Baseboards dusted or wiped

  • Floors vacuumed and washed

  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned (all items removed and replaced)

  • Cabinet fronts washed

  • Exterior of all appliances cleaned (oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, stovetop)

  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

  • Small appliances wiped/shined

  • Window sills/baseboards wiped

  • Light fixtures dusted

  • Sinks scrubbed and disinfected

  • Table and chairs washed

Modern Office



SweptAway Green Cleaning offers a unique alternative to standard janitorial services by utilizing Green Seal approved cleaning solutions paired with essential oils for effective safe-cleaning and sanitizing.


Utilizing “Green” products reduces toxicity by eliminating common industrial chemicals such as acids, alcohol, amines, ammonia, caustic, chlorine bleach, glycol ethers, phosphates, dyes, and perfumes. We are dedicated to creating a healthier, more productive indoor environment with lower burdens on our natural resources. We are equally dedicated to serving our customer’s needs… our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


SweptAway Green Cleaning provides a full-service partnership for all your building maintenance needs. In turn, you get a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your customers and employees. A clean building projects a first class image.

Improve your workplace

  • Healthy buildings ensure a working environment free of contaminants.

  • Healthy buildings provide a safer workplace and decrease the number of workers’ comp claims due to slip/fall accidents and a spread of viruses.

  • Healthy buildings reduce the amount of sick time taken by employees working in the building.

  • Clean buildings are proven to increase employee productivity.

  • Employees who work in clean buildings are happier-happy employees mean reduced turnover.

  • A clean work site improves employee morale.

Reduce costs and increase revenue

  • Clean buildings are less expensive to maintain.

  • Clean buildings help to increase tenant satisfaction and reduce tenant turnover.

  • Clean buildings ensure the property values will remain high because having a clean building improves the longevity of the building.


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Just wanted to thank you and your team of ladies for a great clean this morning!  What a treat it was to walk into a clean house.  I couldn't stop smiling. :)


-         Julie Aragon

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